‪#‎PublicationOfTheWeek‬ “Bad Feelings” by Arts Against Cuts (AAC)

Bad Feelings aims itself towards existing discussions on negation, negativity, and a bottomless catalogue of negative emotions.

Published by Book Works as part of Common Objectives, guest edited by Nina Power; edited and designed by Louis Hartnoll, Lucy Killoran, Robyn Minogue,
and Sophie Carapetian in an edition of 1,000 copies, soft cover, 192pp, 119 x 171 mm.



Mark Beechill bring us volume two and three of his poetry series; “Peace Is Not Just The Absence of War and Delusions of Adequacy”.

Having retired from making music that no-one listened to, Mark found that the only way to survive his increasingly stressful office job was to hide in the toilet writing angry poems, some of which are presented here for your enjoyment. Mark Beechill is a writer and designer based in Canterbury, Kent. His poetry is inspired by work, stress, and the mysteries of daily life. He also edits and designs Foxhole magazine and is working on a ‘sort of’ graphic novel that will see the light of day at some point in 2016.

#‎PublicationOfTheWeek‬ “Where Pain Thrives” by Mie Hannson

This work is a collection of poems, autobiographical and at times explicitly so, where the artist shows us different versions of herself in a mixture of dramatic scenarios, composed of 3 parts. Mie Hansson, born July 24, 1990, is a Danish poet, writer, publisher and visual artist based in London.
Find out more about Mie at http://miehansson.com

#‎PublicationOfTheWeek‬ “Metamorphosis” by Minesweeper Collective


A DIY cootie catcher handmade and screen-printed in collaboration with 20 artists including poems and drawings on the theme of Metamorphosis.
Wonderbarbee, Rodolphe Gauthier, Kevin Seven, Joe FurLong, Illustre Feccia, Andrew Terror, Indignada Jones, Enrico Cornuda, Ania Pawlik,Jude Kendall,Jérôme Barbosa, Camden Mcdonald, Alma, Thade, Alvaro Maccioni, Sam, Nikkolò , Shihoko.

Artwork screen-printed in colours. 3 copies format 50cm x 50cm.

Printed on board The Minesweeper –Deptford London Summer 2015
£15 each (3 copies available)

#‎PublicationOfTheWeek‬ “As if it were” by David Barton

In this title, artist and poet David Burton invites us to look closer at his art.

In the artist words;

“Everything I touch when working relates to the human body. If I put two forms adjacent to each other they become arms enclosing a torso or the space between arms and torso; and the torso itself becomes a creative space promising new life. When I touch the paper with a pen or brush I am urging the space to receive me with the marks I make and take control, so that the space becomes the torso and a dialogue can begin.

I realize that my contribution; marks, ideas, intentions in themselves are worthless, and that if I am to discover anything they will be just raw material to be either discarded or transformed. The page on which I work is already a torso, a belly waiting to accept the self I throw away.
My task is to pay attention to the responses from the work itself, examining the clues it offers, accepting its gifts and pursuing its promises ever further; stepping again into nothingness.”

David has publication in libraries including Tate Galleries London and Liverpool, Museum of Modern Art New York, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the archive of Atelier Vis.

#‎PublicationOfTheWeek‬ “Football Chants” by illustrator Mark Long

An illustrated collection of football chants – light hearted, humorous and very slightly offensive.

A5 in size and Litho printed in two spot colours – in edition of 1000.

Printed on munken paper with a 300gsm cover- saddle stitch

Mark Long is an illustrator working most often in the field of editorial, but illustrated his first children’s book published in the summer of 2012. Since 2008 has made made artwork for a number of high profile clients including Walker Books, Google, The NY Times, The Guardian and contributes weekly illustrations for the Independent. Find out more about Mark’s work on marklongillustration.co.uk