Hardy Animal, Laura Dannequin

This fine-print limited edition bookwork was designed by Laura Dannequin in collaboration with Jono Lewarne of City Edition Studio.

It is Laura’s first self-published book and it is a part of a wider project which includes a solo performance about her experience of living with chronic pain.
Contents include the play script of the performance, a preface, a commissioned piece by writer Nick Walker, back cover text by James Stenhouse of Action Hero, and design riches a plenty including sealed pages and an original line drawing on transparent paper in each copy.

Printed on an original risograph using oil-based black and blue inks
Blind embossed cover
Perfect bound
57 pages
165×245 mm


Laura Dannequin is a French born dance artist based in Bristol. Recent works include ‘In The Making’, ‘Dance Dark Dance’, ‘Hardy Animal’ (Aerowaves 2016, UCL, BAC, ‘Dangerous Currents: AMH’s Annual Conference…) and ‘The Secret Slowness of Movement’.